Vackans horoskop.

Hanna's horoscope for this week
Your sun sign : Virgo
Your rising sign : ?

Week of February 23, 2009: You know that the right place for you to live exists, Virgo, you just aren't sure where in the world it is! Currently you're seeking to find the place where you'll feel perfectly content the minute you arrive. However, it hasn't been easy to locate the best spot for you to thrive in mentally, emotionally, and physically. On Monday you get a tremendous boost in the right direction as your ruler, Mercury, conjuncts Jupiter, the ruler of your sector of home and property. You'll have great success in your search for the right geographical setting in which to settle down. You need to deal with frustrating medical issues on Saturday, as Mars in your health zone is quincunx Saturn in Virgo in your sector of self. It's possible that you aren't eating enough or you're exercising too much in your desire to keep fit. As a fastidious Virgo, you tend to find it easy to avoid gooey desserts and salty snacks, but you may skip too much on eating the foods you need to stay healthy, including protein. You may want to brush up on your nutrition smarts over the weekend to be sure you're eating balanced meals

Nästan alla rätt,
Lite scary måste jag säga.

Ne nu promenad sen bakning!

Güle güle!


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